ACS Gypsum Wallboard Equipment

From pin mixer to wallboard, slurry shouldn’t come out too wet, or too dry.

Get the right mix with ACS Gypsum Wallboard Equipment to ensure that your wallboard is crystallizing at the right time, and in a way that will make a strong, lasting wallboard for any application.

Pin mixer

No lumps allowed

Lumps in your wallboard slurry can cause unwanted breaks in face paper and an unnecessary amount of downtime.

Our pin mixer components are machined top to bottom to ensure close internal tolerances. Mixtures won’t get stuck in your machinery, and your mixer will keep running efficiently to produce a well-mixed, lump-free slurry.

Smoothie with lumps

Get that chrome finish

Our mixers are measured pre and post chroming to ensure that your mixer has the right amount of chrome to prevent premature wear.

Measuring also helps the mixer internals maintain their tolerance.


If the boot fits

ACS manufactures mixer boots and other equipment for your application, along with spare parts for all components of your mixer.

We can rush spare parts to you quickly, at no extra cost.
Some of our extra equipment includes:

  • Mixer Boots
  • Slurry Mixers
  • Inline Creasers
  • Stucco Rotary Airlock Feeders
Download Mixer Boot Spec Sheet
ACS Mixer Boots

Fantastic service, cut and dried

Our in-house design team can rebuild your pin mixer.

We will have your mixer shipped to our plant for evaluation and provide a repair proposal based on its conditions.

Smiling man holding tablet

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Ancaster Conveying Systems has built a solid reputation over the last 25 years designing and manufacturing pin mixers and other gypsum wallboard processing equipment.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, ACS will supply reliable components at an affordable price. Their sales staff and application engineers are experienced professionals who will work with you to design equipment suited to your needs.

ACS has kept all of their business operations in southern Ontario where they can closely control supply, ensuring quality in their products. They are a family-owned business, operated by two generations of the Thompson family.

ACS has a personal stake in helping their customers succeed, which means reliable service, every time.